Why You Should Get The Hell Out Of The Gym In Under 50 Minutes!

If my workout ain’t done in 50 minutes from the start of my first working set. Too bad! It’s time to get the hell out of the gym.

Why I feel the sudden urge to cut mine & my PT trainees workout short if needed and get out of the gym at the 50 minute mark?

It’s simple!… To preserve our bodies #1 mother hormone Prenegolone.

Scientific studies prove that after 45 minutes of actual hard core gym work, the bodies stress hormone cortosol, starts to peak. Cortosol is produced in the body to handle stressful physical and mental situations and is derived from the mother hormone prenegolone. Stay with me please…

Studies also prove that at the 45 minute mark of intense weight training, the bodies natural testosterone levels begin to plummet. This is because the body has begun to produce Cortosol to help deal with the stress the body is now under from intense weight training. What is really happening is that the body is now stealing prenegolone from your own natural Testosterone production and handing it over to produce more of the stress hormone Cortosol,

Women & men should both be concerned about a decrease in Testosterone!

Why? Both Men & Women need healthy levels of Testosterone to stay healthy, happy, strong & lean!

but it’s not just the Testosterone levels we want to stop falling…

Stress hormone Cortosol has been proven in many scientific studies to be the #1 cause of belly fat in men & women!

Now I don’t know about you, but I want to keep my 6 pack, and if that means cutting my workout short at the 50 minute mark, then so be it. I’ll come back in 4-6 hours to finish the rest of my workout after my cortosol production has decreased substantially and my testosterone is once again able to go back into full production.

* Optimising your body’s natural hormone production should form the basis of any good fitness plan where nice, firm muscle definition & low body fat levels are desired.

I’ve always said that hormones are the most powerful thing in the world. They’re micro in size, but massive in their power to effect your body. They’re an energy and have the power to make you skinny & fat at the same time, meaning no muscle and lots of fat. Hormones have the power to make you depressed, anxious, angry or feeling extremely unmotivated. At the same time when your hormones are “on fire at their peak levels”, you’ll feel awesome, happy and become attracted to the opposite sex and it’s hormones that are responsible for your conception.

When working hard to transform your body, high testosterone and low cortosol levels is exactly what you want! Keeping your workouts under 50 minutes has been proven by science to be the ultimate maximum workout time needed for best results.


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