Premium PT fully customises your training, nutrition & supplementation for absolute best results!

If working to your optimal potential is important to you, then the premium PT package should be your #1 choice.

Every aspect of the Premium PT Package is customised to match your unique goals, fitness level and personal requirements, so you can achieve your best possible results every week you’re investing into a well structured fitness program.

This 4 step Premium PT Package includes the following…

* Fully customised weight training program matching your personal goals, experience and fitness level.

“Plus, cutting edge neuro-transmitter training program design now available with Premium PT”

* Fully customised nutrition program & meal plan to match your level of commitment and taste

“Plus, extra personalisation is now available, matching your meal plan to your unique blood group.”

* Strategic Supplement advice to match your training intensity

“Plus FREE No BS Supplement pack now available with Premium PT Package.”

* “Get fortnightly monitoring of your weight, body fat % & measurements

“Plus get expert nutritional coaching advice after weigh-in with unlimited email support”

Keep reading below for a full description of what you get with your Premium PT package…

1. Personalised Weight training program that’s customised to suit you and your goals.

What would happen to your body if you got stronger, faster & fitter every week?

Every PT session, you’ll stimulate your body to transform as you work through your customised training program with your trainer demonstrating and teaching you how to do each exercise properly.

It’s important that you follow a customised training program over a 4-6 week period as you let your muscles learn the exercise and handle the weight, before adding more weight, making them stronger, then forcing them to get bigger, firmer and better definition.

As your muscles grow and become much denser, they will raise your metabolism through the roof. When you stay on track with your training and add Step 2’s nutrition program below, results will start flowing your way.

Premium PT bonus: Have your training program customised further to match your unique neuro-transmitter body type.

This program style is absolutely cutting edge and matches your unique body structure to it’s perfect training style.

You’ll achieve better results with less stress on the nervous system, faster muscle strength, size and definition, plus avoid overtraining to help immune system stay strong.

Start training like an Olympic Gold medallist with your very own neuro-transmitter training program and watch your body transform better than ever.

2. Customised nutrition program to match your goals, lifestyle and level of commitment

Just imagine going from fat storage mode, and blasting  into fat burning mode in a matter of days?

The Premium PT package provides you with a fully customised nutrition program and meal plan that’s based on your Personal Trainer’s knowledge from a lifetime of health & fitness, plus the World’s best metabolic fat loss tactics known to man.

As a Premium PT trainee, you’ll learn the perfect nutrition program that’ll help you reach your goals, but line up with your lifestyle and your level of commitment.

Choose a high powered meal plan that’s guaranteed to get the best possible results, and used by champion physique athletes.

Or choose a more relaxed meal plan that will still yield results but can be powered up with some cutting edge nutrition tactics to speed up your metabolism.

The choice is yours when you join a Premium PT package!

Premium PT bonus: Do you know what blood type you are?

Improve your results even further by requesting your meal plan be designed in accordance with your unique blood group.

Eating right for your blood type will improve your digestion, immunity, avoid bloating and inflammation, and helps achieve a better result.

3. The ultimate supplement protocol gives your body exactly what it needs at the right time

Do you know the exact supplements the pro’s use and when to use them for 25% better results?

Discover the best supplements to take before and after a workout, plus the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to run optimally and continue getting excellent results.

Make no mistake!.. When you use the right supplements for what your body needs at the right time, your results can be improved by 25%.

While supplementation isn’t for everyone, you’ll now know what, why & how to use the best supplements to speed up your metabolism and improve your muscle size and definition.

Premium PT Bonus: FREE Supplement pack now included with all Premium PT packages!

Yes, receive a 100% totally free supplement pack valued at $180.

Use your free supp pack in conjunction with the ultimate supplement protocol to boost results, improve recovery and achieve your transformation goals faster.

4. Body Composition Monitoring, accountability, & unlimited phone & email support keeps you on track

Imagine sticking to your training & nutrition plan, then achieving a great result every weigh in?

Knowing your body composition of weight, body fat %and measurements is so important in helping you achieve a positive result from your Premium PT package.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so every fortnight you’ll be asked to have a weigh-in, body fat scan and measurements recorded to pinpoint what’s working, or not. This moment of truth can help your personal trainer provide a positive solution to any exercise, nutrition or motivational problems that may arise.

Premium PT Bonus: Helping you achieve fast, real & noticeable results is our #1 focus. So you’ll also receive unlimited phone & email support to revise your food diary, offer new nutritional advice, and remove any confusion about your ultimate body transformation.

Premium PT is fully comprehensive and designed for the person who wants to leave no stone unturned in your quest for a Fit-Hot Bod!

Premium PT session length: 45 minutes

Premium PT 2 day per week package: $190 per week

Premium PT 3 day per week package: $270 per week

Pay in full for 12 weeks & save 10%:

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