Blind Aussie PT explains why his glass is overflowing & yours can be too!

Although completely unsighted, this Fitness PT is teaching people how to see their world like they’ve never seen it before.
Shane Falconer Motivational Speaker
Fit-Hot Bod Shop Trainer – Shane Falconer

With no sight but a heap of vision, motivational speaker Shane Falconer will inspire, teach and motivate you to think huge, plan accordingly & send you on your way to making your dreams come alive.

Hello & Welcome! I’m truly grateful that you’d take a moment to read this page of my life as an unsighted personal fitness trainer, competitive bodybuilder, business owner, and motivational speaker.

Can I just get one thing straight though?

While yes, I absolutely love inspiring each & every person listening to my speeches, I’ve never viewed my achievements as extraordinary, incredible or something to brag about. However, I do know that since losing my entire eyesight in 2004 aged only 22 years young, my life just seemed to get better and better despite my physically debilitating blindness.

The success I’ve achieved in all areas of my life are a testament to what I now know is an incredible way that everybody can achieve extraordinary results, if only they followed the same 4 step process I inadvertently used to live my dream life.

So about my blindness… It was March 14 2004 and after falling asleep behind the wheel, I smashed my car into a power pole so hard it snapped the 45cm timber pole in half. My head smashed through the steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen so badly I became instantly blinded for life.

I was now at “rock bottom”. No eyesight, no job, no car or a license, no girlfriend. I was totally screwed and it didn’t seem like there was any way I could achieve a shadow of the success my old sighted self was capable of. Or could I…

After spending 3 months in hospital and rehabilitating for a further 6 months, I began to chase down my goals and dreams that seemed nearly impossible to achieve with no sight. One thing I had was a super-strong vision; a clear plan and a heap of persistence when combined together helped me reach success in previously unchartered waters.

Some of my achievements include:

  • Australia’s first & only totally blind Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (Learn more about the Fit-Hot Bod Shop)
  • QLD 2nd place in IFBB Classic Bodybuilding
  • Going from renter to homeowner & landlord in 13 months
  • Making it to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro amidst altitude sickness and broken toes.
  • Calling the wrong number and later marrying that woman on the other end

While those achievements above are vastly different, a common thread stood out… I was using the same strategy to help me reach success.

Could you imagine waking up one morning fully sighted with 20/20 vision and the next morning waking up completely unsighted with 0/0 vision. How about just putting a blindfold on for 24 hours and try to go about your business as usual. You’d have to start thinking a bit harder and smarter wouldn’t you?

It’s time to take off the blindfold and get 20/20 vision over your life!

Let me teach your team my 4 step system while using my exciting stories that’ll inspire them to take action bigger, better & faster than ever.

  1. Perceive to believe- “See why your glass isn’t half-empty, it’s overflowing”
  2. Plan for success- “Plan it, study it & replan if needed”
  3. Power up your machine- Discover how your 3 unique superpowers are your secret weapon”
  4. Persist like your life depends on it- there is no other alternative”

What you, your colleagues & team members can expect to gain from listening to my motivational speech?

  • Learn to think outside the box to transform the impossible into reality.
  • Hear how thinking big and falling short is still better than doing nothing and feeling unaccomplished. “I’ll share personal instances on this one that’ll motivate you to start immediately!”
  • Why you must plan, replan  & keep adapting until you reach success. “Listen to a real-life example of how I adapted my plans many times when all seemed lost”
  • Discover what you do better than anyone and why you must make those things a cornerstone of your goal achievement process. “This one little exercise catapulted my success through the roof!”
  • The exact way to break your new ambitious goals down into much more achievable bite-size chunks.
  • Why it doesn’t matter how little you get done today, but what you achieve by the next quarter that counts.

We live in such a fast paced world and it’s so easy to lose sight of what we’re able to achieve. Fear of failure can sometimes stop people in their tracks before they get started.

My goal is to share my stories of how I faced major hurdles, stoppages and sometimes gut wrenching failure, only to stay on track and finally see success amidst my blindness because I didn’t have any other option.

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