Star Of The Week: Leanne Drew-McKain

You’d think a person who works 12 hours a day in her professional consultancy business would have the least amount of energy to expend in her 3 PT sessions every week. Not Leanne! She knows the importance of staying fit & healthy to give her the confidence in herself to develop business with some of Australia’s biggest companies.

This week, The Fit-Hot-Bod Shop congratulates Leanne Drew-Mckain for her amazing effort at all times. “I’ve been training Leanne for probably 5 years now, and not once has she ever complained about her day or that workout I put her through is too hard.”

Leanne’s a warrior in every sense of the word! One of the main reasons that she won this week’s award is for making it through this upper chest & shoulder workout that I guaranteed her would perk up her chest by tightening up the chest muscles known anatomically as the Pectoralis Major.

I gave Leanne one of my old favourite chest workouts as follows…

1. Flat Barbell Bench Press- 3x 6 reps

2. 30-degree Incline Dumbbell Chest Press- 3x 6-8 reps

3. 45-degree Incline Dumbbell Chest Press- 3x 8-10 reps

4. 70-degree Incline Dumbbell Chest Press- 3x 8-10 reps

5a. 30-degree Incline Dumbbell Side Raises- 3x 12 reps

5b. Standing Barbell Curl- 3x 10 reps

6a. Standing alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 3x 15 reps

6b. Incline Dumbbell Curls- 3x 10 reps

How Does It Work:

  • Importantly all of these sets had a 60-second rest
  • By going through all 5 levels of the chest & shoulder pressing, Leanne’s body only had 1 option… To tighten up her chest to the max!
  • By doing 15 sets of pressing exercises, the back of Leanne’s arms or triceps copped a flogging and some serious muscle definition too!
  • Bicep exercises were added in the last 2 sets to tie in her biceps to her shoulders, for a very athletic look.
  • The workout lasted just under 30 minutes & Leanne finished with some…
  • Heart pumping Boxercise that increased her fat burning even more! On the nutrition front, I was proud of Leanne last week for sticking to her meal plan I customised for her.

Yes, Leanne opts to pay a Little bit extra every week to have me customise a personal nutrition program. It’s important for everyone to eat right for your body & blood type, but even more important for Leanne since she’s a dedicated vegetarian.

The Science:

With Leanne’s dominant brain energy chemical being Acetylcholine, this means she’s got the ability to be one of the most dynamic, creative & trendsetting persons the world has to offer. However, with a lot of the raw ingredients that help Leanne’s brain produce her vital Acetylcholine coming from animal fats, Leanne now sees the benefit of getting some expert help to cater for both her unique vegetarianism and also help her work more dynamically, creatively & energetically every day.

When Leanne put all her training & nutrition together perfectly last week, as her trainer, I was absolutely wrapped. Then when Leanne said to me “Look Shane, I’ve got shoulders! You can actually see my shoulder muscles!” Now that’s hard for a vegetarian woman to achieve due to the usual lack of protein combined with the natural anabolic hormone lesser in females called testosterone. Due to Leanne having more energy to exercise harder, plus eating the right amount of protein, fats & carbohydrates for her body & mind, the result was… Leanne now had the most athletically toned chest, shoulders & arms she’d ever owned!

Congratulations Leanne for your excellent effort!

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