Hormones- The #1 Thing Ruining Your Fat Loss!

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Have you ever started a strict diet, exercised regularly for weeks and wondered why you just can’t seem to lose weight? Everybody has, even myself!

Yes, calories in & calories out, a “calorie deficit” is the mathematical solution your body needs to burn fat 24/7. When this doesn’t work, it comes down to one critical problem.

You more than likely have a hormonal imbalance that’s forcing your body to hold on to and continue to store fat. Don’t worry, because you’re about to find out why. You’ll discover a solution to your hormonal problems.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that all fat is stored by hormones. The faster you can optimise your body’s natural positive fat burning hormones, the more fat you’ll burn. The good news is that by optimising your positive hormones, you’ll in turn be lowering your negative fat storing hormones. It’s kind of like a balancing scale that you want to tilt in your favour.

If you’ve suffered from gaining weight, feeling unmotivated and even felt any hints of anxiety or depression, you’ve more than likely got some sort of hormonal imbalance. For many, this has been going on for years. It’s caused by bad nutritional choices, inactive physical movement and stress. Both mental & physical.

The good news is that by eating healthier and exercising in the correct way, you should instantly lower the negative hormones caused by poor food choices. This will boost your positive fat burning hormones with exercise and remove stress hormones because the positive effect this new fit & healthy lifestyle has on your body, mind & spirit.

The table below will help you understand the negative hormones and their symptoms, plus show you the positive fat burning hormones that will counteract the bad ones.

Negative Fat Storing Hormone Symptoms Fat Storage Areas Positive Fat Fighting Hormone Training Style Needed
Estrogen/Progesterone No motivation, Excuses, tired Hips, bum & legs Testosterone Strength/Density Training
Cortisol Stress, Bad sleep pattern, anxiety Stomach HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Lactic Training
Insulin Carb Cravings, Exhaustion & tiredness, always hungry Back, Arms & love handles Adrenaline & Glucagon
Dynamic & High Intensity Interval Training + strategic dietary changes


Now let me give you an example on how hormones effected my own body so negatively. I didn’t know what was happening, until one day it just clicked for me that I had a massive hormone imbalance.

Back in 2011 I was training about 15 women, 3 men & everyone of them had hormonal imbalances that was making them store fat. I was really busy that November and into 2012. I was eating excellently, lifting weights 5 days a week but here’s the thing. In 4 months, I lost 16kg of muscle mass and started getting fat on my stomach. I couldn’t figure it out. I was 30 years old with a 19 year old girlfriend and I’d lost my libido. This shouldn’t be happening! When I look back I suppose I was even suffering a little bit of minor depression. It was losing libido that made me realise that I may have low testosterone (The predominant male hormone). I saw a hormone specialist and sure enough, I was diagnosed with low testosterone. The doctor asked me why I thought this was happening? I told him my theory.

I said “Doc, I’ve been working with a lot of women with super high estrogen & progesterone imbalances, super low testosterone and I think these women who I love training, are stealing my strong male hormones to balance out their imbalances.”

The doctor said I was spot on!

He also said that hormones are an energy source and they need to be fed the right fuel if they’re going to prosper. Right then & there I started natural hormone therapy and I was cured within a month.

Another example is my wife Bek. We were exercising together and she been on a very low calorie diet with no carbohydrates and she was training hard. So her calories in vs calories out was super positive for fat burning, but she wasn’t losing any weight. I told Bek that it had to be the fat storing hormone cortisol stopping her from losing weight. My remedy for Bek was to drink 30grams of sugar with her post workout protein shake directly after finishing her workout.

This is because sugar makes your body produce Insulin and insulin lowers fat storing hormone cortisol. Yes, Insulin is a fat storing hormone, but Bek obviously had more cortisol than her body knew what to do with. Plus the best time to consume simple carbohydrates is directly following a workout.

The result, in 3 days Bek had lost 1.5kg!

Now for all those beloved trainees of mine who were stealing my testosterone while I was helping them lose weight… They got results because the Fit-Hot Bod Shop meal plans removed Insulin from their bodies, the personalised training programs I designed for their individual hormonal imbalances signaled their body to produce the positive fat burning hormones, and as they lost weight, they looked, felt & fitted into their clothes better, ultimately making them happier and have lower fat storing stress hormone, cortisol levels. In the end everybody won!

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