When you think of “personal training”, most people think of having a gym guru push you through a whole lot of exercises. Most of the time you don’t even know how they are helping. I believe that high-performance personal training is so much more than just putting people through a workout and making them sweat. So how do we do it differently in our personal training Cleveland studio?

Let me ask you a quick question…

Do you want to pay someone to just make you sweat? Or would you prefer to follow a proven program that’s got your metabolism burning fat 168 hours of the week? If you like the sound of the 2nd option, then keep reading. You’re about to learn how high-performance training like the FIT-HOT-BOD SHOP can help you get amazing results.

What happens at the personal Training Cleveland studio?

The 5 step system used by athletic physique competitors is what you need to look, feel & fit better. Let’s be honest, for most people, losing weight isn’t easy! It’s not because your body doesn’t want to burn fat. More because you just don’t know how to coax your body into fat burning mode. Your body’s forgotten how to use fat as your primary energy source. This is what the first 2 weeks of a Fit-Hot-Bod Shop training program are spent doing. Teaching your body to stop storing fat & start burning fat every day.

Group personal training session Cleveland

Step 1: Progressive Weight Training gets you “Fitter, faster & stronger every week”

It’s my belief that if you get fitter, faster & stronger at your workouts every week, your body can only fit your favourite clothes better. However, novice gym goers need to be very careful that they’re giving their muscle’s enough stimulus to want to recover. Ultimately raising your metabolism in the process. If you have a look at what any of our clients were lifting 8 weeks ago, you’ll quickly notice that they’re now lifting more weight for more repetitions. As a result they are now looking much better than how they looked 8 weeks ago. This isn’t an accident! This is what the “training” of personal training is. Training the body to do more at the same exercise as last week, more next week and even more the week after that.

Weekly Rep Breakdown

In the ‘FIRE UP THE HEAT” program, you start off with 2 circuits each consisting of 3 exercises. You progress through the workout cycling through the exercises in a circuit format and the following 4 weeks would be exercised like this below…

  1. 15 repetitions x 3 rounds & a 60-second rest. 
  2. 11 repetitions x 4 rounds & a 45-second rest
  3. 7 repetitions x 5 rounds & a 30-second rest
  4. 11 repetitions, 4 rounds but heavier than Week 2 & a 60-second rest

Do you see how the workout is increasing the number of rounds exercised, but the repetitions are decreasing? As this happens, you’ll be increasing the weight you’re lifting and ultimately increasing the speed of your metabolism. Add to this the decreasing rest time each week, and your workout is getting denser resulting in better fat loss and a more athletic looking body.

If you want to get amazing results, you better make sure your personal trainer knows how to keep asking your body to do just a little bit more. Otherwise, your results will begin to stall.

Step 2: Follow a proven meal plan that’ll blast your body into fat-burning mode

As the saying goes “You can’t out-train a bad diet”. Highly effective meal plans are at the absolute core of our body transformations. They should be a part of any good personal trainer’s program for you.

Clients start on the 8 week ‘Fire Up The Heat’ program and go through as many as 3 nutrition phases. The first is mandatory for everyone, the second is determined by how fast you want to lose weight, and the third is used to reach a goal for an event, party or holiday. It will shed kilos of unwanted fluid from your body.

These 3 phases are exactly how I prepare for a physique contest and I strongly advise that everyone who wants to look their best to do the same.

Step 3. A no BS Fat Loss system to follow for all 168 hours of the week.

raining 3 hours a week leaves another 165 hours to be doing something that’s completely wrong for fat loss. I have found clients who seemed to be doing all the right things in their PT sessions were doing the wrong things throughout an average day.

Reasons they weren’t losing weight included…

  • Not sleeping enough
  • Drinking too much coffee & having a highly acidic body
  • Snacking on seemingly healthy fruit
  • Sitting down all day & not active enough to burn fat
  • Mind muscle connection out of balance. (This involves your brain chemistry’s neurotransmitters)
  • Eating the wrong foods for your blood type
  • Coming down with the flu every time things start going well

All these problems are addressed in my No Bs Fat Loss book. I wrote it so you are guaranteed to have every base covered to burn maximum fat and to help you get into amazing shape in 8 weeks. It includes….

  • Super supplement recommendations
  • Important vitamin & mineral suggestions
  • Extra-curricular guidelines
  • A daily timeline to show you how it all comes together

Step 4. The FIT-HOT-BOD GPS will help you reach your #1 goal week by week & month by month.

Yes, you’ve probably got a vision or an idea of how you want to look in the next 8-16 weeks. It’s now time to get very clear about what you want and why you want it. Let me tell you, nobody ever wants a “fit-hot-bod” because it looks better. How your upcoming fit-hot-bod will make you feel is really the goal you should concentrate on achieving. When you can feel happy, confident & comfortable with what you’re able to wear, stress goes down, bad habits are nowhere to be seen and an even fitter-hotter-bod is next.

Flat Loss GPS - Fit Hot Bod Shop

Your GPs will help you plan your transformation journey from where you’re now, to where you want to get to in the next 8-16 weeks with monthly goals and easier to achieve bight size weekly targets to hit each & every week.

* This is exactly how I prepare for a physique contest! I plan out my 12 week transformation with 3 monthly goals, I then break up the first week in 4 weekly targets and adjust my input(Food intake) & output(exercise) as required to help me hit my weekly targets every week.

Step 5: “Weekly body composition monitoring at our personal training Cleveland studio – You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Every week, it’s important we monitor your weight, body fat %, and your girth measurements. This will help us know that everything is working excellently, or if a change is needed to be made to your input & output. They’re simple measuring tools that are highly effective in knowing what works for you.

 That’s The 5 step FIT-HOT-BOD FORMULA to give you high-performance personal training with a money-back guarantee on results.

I’m so confident that my 5 step personal training system will give you the best results you’ve ever experienced so much so, I’m able to offer you a money-back guarantee on results & satisfaction.