“Meet The Trainer” A note from Shane

Hi I'm Cleveland Personal Trainer Shane Falconer and welcome to the Fit-Hot Bod Shop...
My wife Rebecca and I have been helping many Redland's locals get in the best shape of their life since 2010 and oh boy have things evolved since we started. 
We're a private gym & PT studio located in Cleveland specialising in helping people build bigger and well defined muscles, burn fat off those frustrating problem areas and get stronger using proper strength & conditioning techniques. 
This is what I love doing and it's really my favourite hobby... 
Working on my strength, muscularity, keeping the fat off and trying to keep a nice flat toned set of abs showing. 

I follow a few simple steps everyday and while it's just 2nd nature to me, I've realised that it's exactly what the general public don't know but need to know if getting in the best shape of your life is something you've always wanted to do. 
Like I said, things have evolved and a lot of the ways I coach my trainees is based on my years of experience from competing in physique contests. In fact my best result was earning a 2nd place in the IFBB's 'Classic Bodybuilding' division. "Man... Just one more place and I would've been Mr Queensland!" Oh well, not to worry.  Taking only 8 weeks to get in that sort of shape definitely struck me as something I should teach to Redland's locals who also want to get in awesome shape... That's when I took my physique contest formula and turned it into a comprehensive PT package using a 4 step system that leaves no stone unturned. It consists of specialised weight training sessions that stimulate your muscles for growth, definition and a higher metabolism Strategic meal plans that're tailor made to suit your goals and commitment level.  the right supplement advice because there's so much confusion on what works and doesn't. I let people in on the exact supplement protocol I use and offer best advice
We also insist on monitoring your body composition to help us help you get best results. In fact there's one metric that I watch every week and that's the V-taper difference, and when it's increasing, you're guaranteed to be looking more ripped, muscular and athletic. 

The main reason I decided to offer this complete solution to people is simple...
Look, there's 168 hours in a week and you might train with me for 2-3 hours per week. That leaves a lot of time to either be using positively towards your dream body, or working negatively towards you staying as is. 
The 4 steps provide you with a plan for the entire week with a big emphasis on nutrition in the way of a personalised meal plan and nutrition coaching via email or phone.

Look, the fact is that everybody wants to be in ripping shape but the majority fail at ever achieving this goal and it's all because their nutrition let them down. 
This is why I've made email nutrition coaching a big part of my PT Packages and also why I'm proud to offer a 14 day refund policy on results and satisfaction to those who use the nutrition coaching service included with our Premium PT package.

Yeah I'll be the first to admit that my 4 step PT packages are full on for the average person, but if building bigger, stronger and well defined muscles with flat toned abs is something you've always wanted but never known how to do...

Then this 4 step system could be perfect for you and your goals to create an above average body no matter your age. 

If you want to look, feel & fit your favourite clothes better and start working with us to achieve your very own fit-hot bod?..

Then enquire about starting the highly discounted “Fire Up The Heat" starter package. 
You’ll achieve real results, get a taste of the 4 step PT package, plus save money!
try us out with a huge discount before making your final decision to join.