Don’t wake up, look in that mirror & ask



Prediction- Each day you will wake up, look fitter, feel amazing & be able to wear your favourite clothes comfortably & confidently.

Proven 5 step system giving you high-performance personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Steal the exercise, nutrition & supplement tips & tricks from one of the Redland’s best physiques to help get you in amazing shape super fast.


Introducing Cleveland Personal Trainer Shane Falconer…

Hi my name’s Shane & yes that’s me to the left. I created this powerful fat burning & muscle toning PT program. It’s based on all the supercharged tactics I used to win a trophy In the IFBB state championships.

Believe it or not, but I know what it’s like to feel un-confident, uncomfortable & overwhelmed by all the never-ending, and mostly useless info smacking us in the face every day.

Don’t worry though! Because I’ve spent the last 13 years sifting through all the rubbish. Finding what works for my body & mind, but what works for everyone. We aren’t all the same!


The 2019 Summer FIT-HOT-BOD Challenge is back bigger & better than ever!

In the past, it’s only run for 6 weeks and the record lost was 16kg, 12% body fat & 119cm of girth measurements!

This year, the 2019 Summer challenge is 2 weeks longer and we are hoping to smash those records! Could it be you? I think so. Because you get a heap more high-powered exercise & nutritional tactics. Plus you get to train 3 days per week instead of just 2 days for the same price!

How it works…

Come train with me 3 days a week for 8 weeks this Summer and I’ll teach you everything I can to help you achieve fast, real & noticeable results every week for 8 weeks,

End Result= you’ll look amazing in your beachwear.

  • You don’t need a gym membership because I own a gym at my house
  • Experience Is not necessary because I’m a fantastic, friendly trainer with lots of experience
  • You don’t even need a heap of money like normal 1 on 1 private PT sessions cost!
  • All you need is a desire to look amazing this summer around your family & friends
  • A strong will to follow the 8-week program to the letter.

Do that, & you’re guaranteed your very own “fit-hot-bod” to show off to all your family & friends. Plus go into 2019 better than ever! All I ask is for your commitment to the program and give me a nice big smile when you arrive.


The 5 step personal training program to help you look, feel & fit better in your favourite clothes

Here’s what you get with the 8 week challenge…

  1. Weight Resistance Training– “You get 3 total body training sessions per week” Every week, you’ll get faster, fitter & stronger. When this happens, your body must change! I’m a perfectionist at training your body for toned, trim & athletic muscles. Yes, you’ll be using weights, but don’t worry! I’ll teach you properly and your body will respond tremendously well to the resistance.
  2. The “Triple Threat” 3 phase nutrition program– teaching your body how to burn fat again. Most likely, your body’s forgotten how to use fat as your #1 energy source. Week 1 and 2 focus on retraining your metabolism to start burning fat. In the second phase, you’ll get a meal plan for each week. The last week is spent flushing excess water & fluid out of your body so you can look lean and toned.
    All recipes for the meals are provided! This 3 phase nutrition program is exactly how I prepare for a physique contest and am able to lose 2.5% body fat every week for 8 weeks!
  3. The No BS Fat Loss system– giving you a foolproof plan for the other 165 hours in a week. This publication gives you all of Trainer Shane’s top fat burning strategies & tactics all rolled into one easy to read & follow booklet. By following the guidelines, you’ll be leaving nothing to chance! “Includes my best supplement, vitamin & cardio recommendations to help you burn the maximum amount of fat in 8 weeks.”
  4. FIT-HOT-BOD GPS– A goal setting workbook to help motivate & keep you on track – Fill out the GPS workbook, that’ll help you find clarity on why you really want a fit-hot-bod. You’ll break your #1 goal up into smaller 2x monthly goals. Then further again into easier to reach weekly targets. “This is exactly how Trainer Shane prepares mentally for a physique contest to ensure trophy-winning success!” 
  5. Weekly weigh in & body composition monitoring- Guaranteeing you progress Every week. Every week, your weight, body % & girth measurements will be monitored to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. If at any time your progress stalls, ask me for advice to get your fat burning back on track.

If you have any questions please feel free to use your unlimited email support to ask Trainer Shane any questions.

The 5 step system gives you all the exercise, nutrition, mindset & transformation tools, tips & tricks to help you look amazing

Yes, you read correctly! Because of the combined synergy of all 5 steps, I’m able to offer you a money back guarantee on results & satisfaction.


Hurry! Spots are filling fast for the first 8 week challenge of 2019!