Your Fit-Hot Trainer

Hi! I’m Shane Falconer…

I own & operate Cleveland personal training service The Fit-Hot Bod Shop. Since 2008 I’ve been helping many Redlands locals look, feel & fit better.

Now I don’t know about you but when I’m feeling fit & strong, I’m at my happiest in life!

When I’m looking and feeling my best and my wife catches grown men checking out my arms & chest at the Cleveland Markets on a Sunday morning, that makes me feel amazing.

& When I’m helping people just like you feel the same as what I do every day, that truly completes my purpose in life! That’s how passionate I am about helping you look, feel and fit as amazingly as me & my wife Bek!

But just like you, I too struggled in the beginning.

You see in 2004 I had this horrific car accident that left me incapacitated for months. I lost my job, my money, my car & license and even my girlfriend at the time. It was my darkest hour. It was the lowest point in my life. I had definitely hit rock bottom! I still had a body. I knew my body could pull me through this nightmare…

I figured if I just worked on my body until I would rate myself a 10 out of 10, then I’d be able to attract that special somebody back into my life. & it worked! I did transform my body dramatically putting on 23kg of pure muscle. It didn’t just happen overnight though. It took me years of study, months of trial & error, and a lifetime of wanting to get the best me I could be!

I created a 5 step formula that I named “THE FIT-HOT BOD FORMULA and it’s now your turn to come look, feel and fit better forever.

If like me, you can’t stand going to a crowded gym because of the usual “turn-offs, then you’ll feel more than comfortable training with me at my own home based gym in Cleveland. It’s a professional setup with about $50,000 worth of gym equipment and the best part is… Everybody that trains here with me gets amazing results.

Personal training in Cleveland or the Redlands for that matter has never been more results focused as I train all my beloved clients like professional athletes, obviously subject to their current fitness level. It’s just so rewarding to see both Women & men hit personal records in their gym performance as I progress them through what’s known as “periodised strength & conditioning” without them even knowing it.

Don’t let this scare you off though! You’ll be right. We’ll do it together! I’ll never make you try to do anything you can’t physically do but I do promise you that I’ll always be working to take you to the next level.

Yes, my training and nutrition programs that make up the FIT-HOT BOD FORMULA are second to none and allow me to offer you a money back guarantee on results and satisfaction. I’d also like to give you my personal guarantee that by choosing me as your Personal Fitness Trainer, you’ll be choosing someone who can honestly say that fitness has changed my life, love and business more positively than any other person in Australia. You be the judge on that one though!