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Look better in the mirror in just 1 week of ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING

Your Online PT gives you the professional exercise, nutrition and motivational experience just like having your own private personal trainer 7 days per week, but for a fraction of the cost.






[testimonial1 author=”Bek”]“It’s only week 3 of my 6 week program and  I can already see major results!”[/testimonial1]



The best part is…Online PT

Learn how to transform your body from a professional physique athlete with a 5 step system!




1.Personalised exercise programs to suit your goals, fitness level & experience.

” your exercise routine will be fast, motivating & exciting for you!”

2. Proven customised meal plans maximise your results without being on a starvation diet.

3. Unlimited Email support lets you ask your Personal Trainer any questions so there’s absolutely no confusion about what you must do to get results

“Please, just email me any questions you have, no matter how stupid they may sound because I want you to succeed!”

4. Weekly phone call keeps you on track towards your monthly targets guaranteeing you a fit-hot bod!

“We’ll chat each week to make sure you’re moving in the right direction and to help me make any changes to your program if needed.”

5. New Monthly exercise routines keep your body in a fat burning state 24/7

” Your exercise routine will be changed up every 4 weeks so your body doesn’t know what’s coming next. That’s how I got into the best shape of my life in just 8 weeks in the photo above!”


5 Step system to start transforming your very own “fit-hot-bod” from Day 1!

Learn the best exercise, nutrition & supplement tips from professional physique competitor Shane Falconer.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now! What does matter is that you get started NOW!

“Yes, Personal Trainers are expensive, but now you can get all my exercise, nutrition and motivational knowledge & experience emailed to you within 48 hours at a fraction of my private PT cost.”

“I truly want to help you fit your favourite clothes better and look great in the mirror in a matter of weeks, not years or even months.

* ‘Results focused’ Exercise programs progress your fitness level so you can fit your favourite clothes better every week!

* Simple but highly effective nutrition plans provide results without starvation. Follow the tasty meal plans or get extra help designing you a custom meal plan to suit your specialities.

* If you need help, just ask! Your email questions will be answered within 12 hours!

* Your weekly phone call is provided to guarantee you reach your weekly, monthly & quarterly targets without fail.

* Don’t waste any more money on useless supplements! You’ll also receive a “Super Supps” list to help boost your results.

Plus… Get your very own personalised weekly calendar to eliminate any confusion of your Online Personal Training program.


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Level 1:Personalised training program, proven nutrition program, unlimited email support & weekly phone call.  $49 per week


Level 2: Personalised training program, customised meal plan, unlimited email support and 1 extended phone strategy session per week. $69 per week.

Level 3: Platinum Online PT- Click button below to read a full description of what you get for this package! $99 per week

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