Budget PT- The total solution at an affordable price. Get Fast Results & Save Money with BUDGET PT

If you want fast results, but need to save money, then the budget PT package option is perfect for you.

After finishing your discounted “Fire Up The Heat” starter program, you’ll move straight on to your customised training program that’s been tailor made to start transforming the parts of your body you want to improve.

You get all 4 steps to help you reach your goals, including…

* a fully customised weight training program matching your personal goals, experience and fitness level.

* A Proven meal plan that instantly flicks your fat burning switch on.

* No BS supplement advice guaranteed to increase muscle size & definition, plus stimulate fat burning for ours after exercise.

* Monthly body composition monitoring to help your trainer help you and keep you honest.

Please keep reading below for a full description of what you get with your ‘results focused’ Budget PT Package…

1. Personalised Weight training program that’s customised to suit you and your goals.

What would happen to your body if you got stronger, faster & fitter every week?

Every PT session, you’ll stimulate your body to transform as you progress through your customised training program with your trainer demonstrating and teaching you how to do each exercise properly.

It’s important that you follow a customised training program over a 4-6 week period as you let your muscles learn the exercise and handle the weight, before adding more weight, making them stronger, then forcing them to get bigger, firmer and better definition.

As your muscles grow and become much denser, they will raise your metabolism through the roof. When you stay on track with your training and add Step 2’s nutrition program below, results will start flowing your way.

2. A proven meal plan takes your body out of fat storage mode and blasts you into fat burning mode

How great would it be, knowing your meal plan is helping you get results every week?

The meal plan you’ll be advised to follow will manipulate your body’s #1 fat storage hormone Insulin. This nasty hormone is something that thrives on sugar and carbohydrates, so if we can control your carb intake, you can manipulate your body’s own natural Insulin levels and essentially, turn your fat burning switch on.

Nutritionally speaking, this is the best thing you can do to burn fat 24/7 and achieve awesome results from your Budget PT package.

3. The ultimate supplement protocol gives your body exactly what it needs at the right time

Do you know the exact supplements the pro’s use and when to use them for 25% better results?

Discover the best supplements to take before and after a workout, plus the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to run optimally and continue getting excellent results.

Make no mistake!.. When you use the right supplements for what your body needs at the right time, your results can be improved by 25%.

While supplementation isn’t for everyone, you’ll now know what, why & how to use the best supplements to speed up your metabolism and improve your muscle size and definition.

4. Body Composition Monitoring & accountability keeps you on the right track

Imagine sticking to your training & nutrition plan, then achieving a great result every weigh in?

Knowing your body composition of weight, body fat % and measurements is so important in helping you achieve a positive result from your budget PT package.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so every month you’ll be asked to have a weigh-in, body fat scan and measurements recorded to pinpoint what’s working, or not. This moment of truth can help your personal trainer provide a positive solution to any exercise, nutrition or motivational problems that may arise.

Budget PT- The total solution at an affordable price. Only $75 per session

No need for gym membership! We’re a private home base PT studio located in Cleveland and have all the equipment, knowledge and experience to get you in the best shape of your life.


Begin your fitness lifestyle and get the body you desire in the comfort of your home with Homefit. Our trainer comes to your door with all the equipment necessary and a customized workout to help you reach your specific fitness goals while having fun. We put the “Personal” into your personal training session.

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