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Redlands Personal Trainer guarantees you to look, feel & fit your clothes better in just 4 weeks with a money back guarantee on results!


Don’t think about joining another gym until you’ve read this!

You would have to agree with me… It seems like there’s a new gym popping up on the next corner every week. A gym here… A gym there… Gyms everywhere! Now I don’t know about you but for 10 times as many gyms as there was 10 years ago, we’re definitely not seeing 10 times as many fit people walking around.

Fact: The brand of gym , it’s equipment or how often you go to the gym does not matter!

What does matter in regards to the results you expect from your gym efforts is the way you use the gym equipment and the intensity you exercise at when you do go to the gym.

Further more, combining a proven personalised training program with some expert nutritional coaching is the best way for you to finally see the long lasting results you’ve been searching for.


shane-photo2Hi my name is Shane Falconer,

I’ve been training Women & Men from all over the Redlands for many years and the one thing I can honestly say has caused the downfall of their bodies before calling me has been purely hormone related.

Now without getting too technical, make no mistake… Hormones are the most powerful catalyst in transforming your body.

My job is to help you exercise and eat correctly for your individual body type by boosting your powerful fat fighting hormones while eliminating the bad fat storing hormones.


I do this by giving you a 5 step plan that makes up the “Fit-Hot Bod Formula”. It’s designed to give you everything you need to change your body.

Check out how it’s worked for some of my clients below…


Bek - 6 Week Challenge
Thanks to Shane I lost 6.5kg in 6 weeks! I have never felt so energetic. The meal plan and training was very easy to follow and Shane was available for any questions I had along the way.


STEP 1: Your body transformation needs a plan.

Remember! You want to look, feel & fit better forever don’t you? Well then you need a long term plan to keep you on track.

Your very own Fit-Hot Bod Body Transformation GPS will keep you on track on a yearly, Quarterly, monthly, and even breaking down your transformation down to a weekly target helping you stay on the success track.

(It’s FREE & it’s given to you when you start training with The Fit-Hot Bod Shop


STEP 2: The Fit-Hot Bod training system gives you proven results

Did you know that all fat is stored by hormones?

Did you know that by exercising in a specialized way and sequence you can transform your fat storing hormones into powerful fat burning hormones?

You better believe it! If you don’t, have a look at the problem areas below and see which one best fits your body…

#1 Problem area- Legs, thighs bottom & hips

#2 Problem area- Belly or stomach

#3 Problem area- Arms, shoulders, back & love handle area.

But don’t worry! Because the Fit-Hot Bod training system is especially designed to attack your problem areas using specialized training techniques you simply can’t get with an average gym or bootcamp membership!

(Your personalized training program will be suited to match your fitness level and focus on getting you best results in the quickest time)


STEP 3: Your simple nutrition program is best suited to YOU & foods you enjoy eating

You want long lasting results don’t you? Well then there’s a pretty good chance you only need to make some simple, minimal nutritional changes to get the most out of your body’s metabolism.

Dieting is not the answer! Sticking to some basic nutrition guidelines is the best choice for “Year round” results.

When you join The Fit-Hot Bod Shop you’ll get access to 3 highly effective nutritional programs created by Trainer Shane Falconer including…

  1. Calorie counting & Macro Nutrients for beginners
  2. Addition, Subtraction for Physical Attraction
  3. Treat Your Way Slim- Carb cycling for intermediate to advanced body transformers.

 Your Fit-Hot Bod Trainer will give you 2 simple but highly effective nutritional guidelines every fortnight to help you build on your habits.


STEP 4: Make your meals boost your metabolism

Did you know that buy changing certain foods you can raise your metabolism by 25%?

Well as an added bonus to all Fit-Hot Bod clients you’ll be given your very own food diary to help your Trainer teach you how to boost your metabolism by 25%

You’ll learn how timing your different Macro Nutrients at certain times of the day can boost your metabolism and ultimately your fat burning. Fit-Hot Bod Trainer Shane Falconer guarantees that this one distinction in your nutrition intake can dramatically increase your body’s looks and composition!

(Fill out your FREE food diary and get Trainer Shane to check over it on a weekly phone call if you like)


STEP 5: Someone to hold you accountable and support you is paramount to your success

Yes! The Fit-Hot Bod training & nutrition systems are by far the best in Brisbane, but if you don’t stick to the program you will not get the long lasting results you desire.

Let Trainer Shane support you and hold you accountable to your goals as he motivates and teaches you how you too can get the best out of yourself and essentially your body & mind at the same time.

Learn from somebody who doesn’t just talk the talk. Shane walks the walk with you every training session.

(You’ve never met a Trainer like this guy before!)



The 100% money back Fit-Hot Bod GUARANTEE

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your most recent month of personal training in Cleveland simply just ask for your fully refundable money back & we will promptly return your costs for an entire month no questions asked.


Finally you now have a proven system you can follow easily and affordably to guarantee you the body you deserve guaranteeing you to look, feel & fit better… Forever!


Look, feel & fit your clothes better forever… Starting today!


CALL Shane Falconer now on 0438 774 092



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